Discover the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava’s long coastline, with its wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems, rewards mariners that sail its waters with magnificent scenery, natural parks, long golden sandy beaches and secluded, practically unspoilt coves to anchor in for a quiet swim in crystalline waters or spend the night soaking up the peace and quiet of spots sometimes unknown even to many mariners, and some of which can only be reached from the sea.

But besides this, for more inquisitive mariners the Costa Brava is not just a place to pass through on the way somewhere else, but rather a complete universe to discover at a leisurely pace, enjoying every minute. Here, the Mediterranean finds its full expression through culture, art and a gastronomy that combines ingredients from the sea and mountains with superb wines.

Thus, in this guide published by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and the Catalan Association of Tourist Marinas (ACPET), we set out to reflect this complexity and show visitors just how much the province of Girona’s coastline has to offer boats and their crews during their stays, particularly in terms of technical service, but without forgetting leisure, pleasure and discovery activities, as well as the comprehensive facilities provided by the 18 sailing clubs and marinas dotted along the coast.

This guide is not a nautical handbook and it is not designed to replace the sailing charts and the well-known pilot books, nor can it be used as such. It is intended to give anyone that looks through it or reads one of its sections enough reasons to stay at any one of the marinas described in detail and to begin a holiday that they will remember for ever.