Wining and dining

Land and sea merge in the Costa Brava’s landscape to produce excellent wines and a cuisine closely linked with the land and seasonal local produce. 

The province of Girona’s cuisine is incredibly varied and tasty, inherited from a long tradition of Mediterranean cultures combined with the latest, exquisite, revolutionary formulation of a new cuisine, which creates the most innovative culinary proposals today. 

Seasonal produce has pride of place in the top restaurants, along with the most delicious everyday 
popular food. All sorts of fish and seafood are the protagonists of superb suquets and traditional rice dishes, while meat and game are combined not only with ingredients from the sea, but also with a wide array of mushrooms and fruit in true symphonies of flavours. 

A whole host of charcuterie, oils made with local varieties of olives from ancient trees, a fine range of artisan cheeses and a comprehensive selection of sophisticated desserts round off gourmet meals based on freshly-fished and freshly-picked local produce from the sea and the land which restaurant and hotel kitchens combine to provide an unforgettable gourmet experience. Of course, food here is always paired with DO Empordà wines, many of which have gained international accolades in their own right. 

Wine-growing is at the heart of the Costa Brava’s gastronomic identity. 

The DO Empordà wine route

The Empordà is a wine-growing region, with a long tradition in such grape varieties as White, Red and Grey Grenache and White and Red Carignan, which are used to make top-quality wines that express the Mediterranean’s essence under the DO Empordà label.

Over the last few decades a new generation of young, excellentlytrained winemakers has emerged and they have succeeded in combining their grandparents’ winemaking know-how with their parents’ hotel and restaurant expertise and turn the Empordà region into a wine tourism paradise.

Thirty wineries open their doors to visitors and, in conjunction with restaurants, hotels and other companies, provide a creative, innovative and sustainable range of wine tourism options: the DO Empordà. 

Cuisine with a strong identity 

The magic of combining traditional cooking with signature cuisine

Girona is one of Catalonia’s top food & wine tourism destinations, and has enshrined names like El Celler de Can Roca, or the defunct El Bulli, both of which have been awarded the distinction of being the world’s best restaurant on several occasions. With 14 restaurants sharing a total of 18 Michelin stars and dozens of others acclaimed by the top gourmet food guides, the province of Girona, and the Costa Brava in particular, are at the forefront of the art of cooking.

Visitors can enjoy the most creative food & wine experiences through innovative gourmet activities and events organised with seasonal local produce as the basis. Oil tourism, visits to farms and local artisan producers or to food and fish markets, gourmet routes or going on boat trips with local fishermen are just a few of the hundreds of proposals that will make a pleasurable lasting impression on you.

The combination of ingredients from the sea and land creates an exceptional cuisine.