Sailing Costa Brava

7-night mooring pass on the Costa Brava.
From June 1 to December 31, 2021.


Sail and enjoy the Costa Brava at unbeatable prices for 7 days


Come and enjoy the Costa Brava with unbeatable prices Package Sailing Costa Brava, from June to September you will have seven nights mooring in any port attached to the promotion, so you can browse for a week by a the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean moored in marinas quality with fantastic prices.


  • Nights per pass: 7 nights. It covers your stay in a mooring designated by the Management of the Port participating in the offer. No other type of service (water, light, electricity, fuel, etc.) is included in the offer. These will be invoiced and paid for separately.
  • Stays at the participating ports are subject to availability in the port. If there is no availability in a specific port, it will be necessary to request availability at a neighbouring port. Lack of availability will not be a reason for the total or partial return of the cost of the pass.
  • Period of use: From June 1st to December 31st, with no possibility of extension.
  • Maximum stay at one of the ports(1) participating in the offer: 2 nights per pass and port, whether they are consecutive or alternate.
  • The pass is personal and non-transferable, both for the vessel and the customers indicated at the time of purchase.
  • Number of passes available: 100 passes. Once sold out, this offer will end.
  • The type of vessel to which this offer applies: Single hull vessels, of between 8 and 15 m in length, based on the measurements of the vessel at maximum occupancy. Catamarans are expressly excluded from this offer.
  • Conditions of return: The non-use or partial use of the pass creates no right to a total or partial refund of the cost. No change made will be valid, nor will incompliance with the non-transferability of the pass, entitle the user to a refund of any amount. No returns or cancellations are permitted.
  • Exclusive method for purchasing the pass: On this website or the ACPET website –
  • (
  • Necessary details for the contract: Name, Address, Telephone, Email, National Identification Number, Name of vessel, Length, Breadth and Depth.
  • Reservation method: Consult availability by telephone, directly at the port chosen, between 72 hours and 24 hours before arriving at the participating Port.


Rates per 7 night stay in different Ports/Sailing Clubs on the Costa Brava (see list of mooring Ports below), according to ranges of length of vessel in metres, and including taxes and charges.

From 7 to 8 m. 261 €
From 8 to 9 m. 289 €
From 9 to 10 m. 311 €
From 10 to 11 m. 352 €
From 11 to 12 m. 383 €
From 12 to 13 m. 440 €
From 13 to 14 m. 477 €
From 14 to 15 m. 515 €


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